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Our orphanage was commissioned in June of 2017. So far, we have eight children at the orphanage home. The ages of the first four orphans at the time we received them were: five months, one year, five years, and eight years of age.

The parents of the five year and eight year old are unfortunately deceased, and they did not have good family support, and could not even be enrolled in school. We were pleased to have them, and we were eager to enroll them in school, and to support them in whatever way we could to give them a brighter future. If you want to help, we would appreciate any financial support for our orphanage.

It is our belief that, we do not have to know someone to do good to them, nor do we have to be rich to do something positive to impact the life of disadvantaged children.

The Orphanage has been registered as a non-profit Organization (Dormaa Children’s Home Inc.) in America, and as (Dormaa Children's Care Inc.) in Ghana.

It is our expectation that the operation of the facility will be able to provide shelter, free education, and medical care to disadvantaged children in this community.

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