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Four Children Admitted to the Home


Four Children Admitted to the Home


We currently have four children who live in the orphanage home. Their ages ranged from ten months to eight years when we received them. They have been enrolled in school and they are doing remarkably well academically. The orphanage takes care of all their living expenses including: shelter, nutrition, healthcare needs, and education.


Giving Back to Our Community


The Department of Social Welfare approached the Orphanage. They wanted to aid newly born twin children who were born premature at the Dormaa hospital. Their mother fell into comma after delivery, and had to be rushed to the nearest well-resourced intensive hospital at Komfo Anokye hospital at Kumasi. The Orphanage Leaders arranged to buy baby formula (Pre-NAN) needed to support their growing bodies. The children and the mother eventually pulled through and are now healthy and well.

April 2018

Baby Rose Kyeraa was 11 days old when her story came to light. Unfortunately, her mother is mentally ill and was not able to breastfeed her. The orphanage was asked to help provide her with baby food. The orphanage supported her with one box of Nan 1 baby formula.

March 2018


Regina Pomaa gave birth at the Dormaa hospital. Her baby was in the incubator for several weeks with many health problems. They were later discharged, but Regina did not have money to pay her medical bills. Without the money, she could not go home. Regina was referred to the orphanage by the Social Welfare Services to help with baby food, etc. The orphanage provided her with one box of Nan 1, helped with her medical bill and transport fare to her village.

September 2017


The orphanage was contacted to help a poor widow who had eight (8) children. The woman and her children lived in an uncompleted house. Their house did not have doors or windows. Social support structures do not exist in Ghana to help such poor widows. Commonly, women in this predicament do not have a good education and, therefore, are unemployed. The widow asked for financial help to buy one bag of corn to cook and sell to make a living. The orphanage provided small seed money, enough for 4 bags of corn and items she needed to work with, so she could support her family. In addition, the orphanage provided basic school supplies (uniforms, sandals, school bags, books, etc.) for three of the widow’s children and also helped to enroll them in school.

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