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Donations to Dormaa Children's Home can be made from any country. Donations are safe and it can be done through the reputable company –"PayPal".
Credit Card information is exclusively accessible by PayPal only.

To donate through PayPal using credit/debit cards please:

      Select the "Paypal" icon or text below                                      Scan QR code below to donate directly 


QR Code (1) (1).png

For residents of the United States, all donations to the Corporation are tax exempted. Federal Tax ID is: EIN: 27-2545609

To donate using a bank check, please make check(s) to "Dormaa Children’s Home Inc".

To donate using any other method of giving, please contact us directly.

This site accepts all major credit cards. This site charges us about 4.9% for every donation.



This site accepts major credit cards and currencies from different countries. However, the site charges us 15% for every donation.

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